Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Fever

Francesca has definitely entered into her 2's! She is into everything and we have to keep a close eye on her every minute. Of course, she loves to do anything that Mateo does (he is such a great model for her), and she does many things that Mateo never dared to do.

Last week she took all the clothes out of the dryer and climbed into the tumbler. I missed the picture by a short second! It was such a funny sight to see her in there, and it really caught me by surprise. She of course climbed out as quickly as she climbed in (which is all I caught on camera). Francesca loves to help me fold laundry and always hands me something from the pile. If I don't take it fast enough, she shouts as if to say, "Here, Mom! Let's get this job done already!"

Cesca also loves to be outside... and she LOVES to play in the rocks and dirt. Her new favorite is to climb into our yet-to-be-planted garden and dig around in the dirt. Here's what she looks like when she's done. She walks independently very well - a huge goal we had for her that we hoped to see her achieve before baby sister is born. And she is really starting to talk/vocalize more clearly using many more initial sounds to express herself. For example, she now says "ma!" and signs more when she wants something more (music, food, water). Other words she has:

Da-da-di! = Daddy

Ma-ma-mi! = Mommy

ood = food

yo-goo = yogurt

wa-wa = water

buh = bye

ba = book, belly button, balloon

chee = cheese

She makes us laugh and smile all the time - Francesca is a riot and is living up to her name, "Smiling."
Watching as Mateo learns to hit the tee-ball with Daddy

Last Day of Preschool - Mateo

Today was Mateo's last day of preschool and they put on a puppet show. I got there just in time to hear Mateo say, "Wait, my Mommy isn't here yet!" and then he saw me, ran out to greet me and ushered me in to a chair he had waiting just for me. It was so sweet to see him so excited that I could be there - and I was so glad that I could be!
Mateo and his classmates put on a series of short puppet shows. Here's the program!

One of the funnier moments was when the kids were singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with their lion puppets. Ms. Mary had just finished bragging about how this class hadn't had to make repairs on their puppets. About 30 seconds into the song, Maddox's lion lost a googly eye and burst into tears. It was all over after that. I took video of all the puppet shows, but they are too high

Receiving his certificate

Each student got a big cookie with their name written on it

Mateo and Ms. Mary

Mateo is definitely one of those kids whose energy outshines the rest! I am so proud of him ... as his Mommy and Daddy we couldn't be happier to have a son like him! You can't see the balloon in this picture, but it says, "You are the best!" and that is what he is.