Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cogua Kids

Since we now have TWO beautiful children, managing a separate blog for Mateo and Francesca each is not only silly, it's downright impossible! So, thanks to the advice from my wise sister-in-law, we've created a new blog "Cogua Kids."

Honestly, it is much more difficult to post regularly since each moment of the day seems to be consumed by eating/feeding/fixing food, changing diapers, or keeping a watchful eye during playtime. Even in those rare minutes when both Mateo and Francesca are both sleeping, I have to admit that I, too, want to catch some shut-eye or I am working on coursework for my ESL endorsement. Of course, on Monday or Wednesday evening I have been watching The Bachelor or LOST. So, if you follow our blog(s), please be patient with the Mom who is trying to balance one beautiful baby girl, one charming toddler, her handsome husband, her job, housework, graduate coursework all while maintaining this lovely blog!

So, stay tuned...