Friday, July 30, 2010

Colombian Independence Day Celebration - Sunday, July 25

Last Sunday we celebrated Colombian Independence Day with "Colneb" at Zorinski Park. Here are a few pics from the picnic.
Mateo, Isabella, Francesca and Jaimie

Francesca and Dona Blanca

Todos los Colombianitos (mas una gringa)


Later that day we went to a BBQ with some families from Journey church. On our way home, we spotted a hot air balloon and decided to stop and check it out. Both Mateo and his Daddy were enthralled! We all agreed that someday we'll have to go on a hot air balloon ride!

Special friends - Sat. July 24

Last Saturday we had some special friends over for dinner. The Shannon's and the Schlueter's came in the afternoon, and our kids played together while we chatted about organic food, kids' therapies, and friendship. Vollen and Brady our Francesca's buddies (they met through their moms who are founding members of the DS Super Moms group).
I've decided that the very best way to share dinner with friends is for each family to bring something to share - like an organized potluck - it makes it so much easier to enjoy company!

Jen and Brady ... Brady will be a big brother in August!

Cesca and Mama - Cesca is now vocalizing "ma" consistently! Yea!

Sophie, Ethan (our neighbor), Mateo and Francesca jump around

Francesca was itching to get into the pool ... but it was for the big kids that nightAlmost made it!

Francesca, Brady and Vollen play catch

Casie & Vollen, Jen & Brady, Jaimie & Francesca
For those of you who have ordered one of Francesca's calendars, these two ladies - Casie and Jen - are the brains behind this incredible idea!
Francesca is now a model in what is sure to be the hottest calendar for 2011! The Omaha Down Syndrome Parents Network is doing a fundraiser for the Super Moms group (that I am proudly a part of) and promoting awareness of Down Syndrome by selling calendars with our special children featured every month. The pictures were taken by Regal Photography and Francesca will be featured somewhere in the calendar (along with all of her sweet friends)!
If you would be interested in purchasing one, they will be $15 and should be ready by mid to late September. Let me know if you would like to buy one, and I will take your order. You can pay by cash or check made out to "ODSPN."

Summer fun

Today we enjoyed some time outdoors ... a little summer fun with cousin Emma. Francesca loved playing with the hose and Mateo and Emma got all wet in the "mist" and "shower" settings of the spray. Handy Manny made an appearance as well!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The zoo

This morning we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo - boy did we have fun! It was hot, but we were there early so the animals were still frisky. Francesca and Mateo especially loved the peacocks and the gorillas. Mateo said some really funny things ... it was just a great morning!

Hello peacocks!

Black bear

Watching the polar bear swim

Grandpa and Cesca

Walking to see the sea lions and the elephants

Teo poses in front of the sea lions

Lemurs in the new Madagascar exhibit

The silverback brought back great memories of Rainforest Cafe in Florida!

Mama gorilla and her baby

Cesca was really into the gorilla exhibit - she kept shouting!

Walking with my 'cuz

This orangutang tries to compete with Francesca's flexibility

"AH! Look at me... I have a big belly!" Mateo made fun of the penguins.

Emma and Teo in front of Nemo

"It looks like a kite!"

Ces signs "fish"!


All pooped out

Posing with the Amazon fish

"Look - that fish looks like abuelito!"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The beach at Key Biscayne

We're back in the States, but now in Florida visiting Tia Jas and Tio Jose. Today we went to the beach - the very first time playing in the ocean for both Mateo and Francesca. Needless to say, they LOVED being in the water and goofing around in the sand. Key Biscayne has shallow beach that stretches far into the ocean; the water is warm and there are no waves. Although not the typical wavy ocean experience, it was perfect for their first time at the ocean.