Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brother and Sisters

Mateo, Francesca and Catalina love each other. It is evident by the way Mateo plays with both Francesca and Catalina - reading them books, dancing, telling them jokes or singing songs. It's obvious in the way Cataline smiles and giggles at Mateo and Francesca plays along and mimics Mateo's language. And hugs ALWAYS abound.

I think one of their favorite past times is reading. I love it - probably because I am so passionate about the subject of reading. It is very exciting to see Mateo developing early literacy skills (writing short words, writing out the entire alphabet in sidewalk chalk, recognizing certain words within his books as we read aloud with him...) and to observe Francesca develop preliteracy skills (opening a book and turning pages from left to right while she reads the pictures in jibberish, pointing at pictures and saying the name...)

Nebraska City

Today we went to Nebraska City with Grandpa and Grandma. It was an absolutely beautiful day! We listened to Suzy Boggus on the way there and back - all of us my grandpa's truck. It was new music for us, and I had "get along you little doggies" stuck in my head a good part of the day. Cesca thought country was good stuff and clapping and swayed along.

The Apple Jack Festival was last week, so it wasn't overly crowded. We all had a great time walking about, discovering. Mateo especially loved collecting rocks, acorns and leaves off the pathway. It was great to spend such a perfect day outside. And of course, the apples, cider and apple pie were a definite highlight!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mateo First Day Preschool 2011

Mateo and Ms. Mary

Today was Mateo's first day of preschool - year two at St. Andrews. He was so excited about going to school again and said this morning, "I thought today would never come! Finally school is here!"

Entering his classroom, he didn't miss a beat. "Hi Ms. Mary! Hi Mandy! Hi Kyle! Hi Cecilia!" and then he looked around for something to do. His first choice, go to the reading corner with Mandy and a new little girl who he later told us was "Mandy's twin but with a different mom."

I am so proud of Mateo and his social skills and his love of reading and of school. He is able to write his own name and to read and write several words on his own (mom, hot, dog, box ...) He's this teacher's dream! :)