Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halloween - Venner's - Zoo - Smile!

Well, really ... how ridiculous is it that I haven't posted ANYTHING since Mateo's adoption day in September? I have a great excuse though - I promise! It's that I have been very busy devoting my energies to making a baby brother or sister (TBD)! Yes, that's right. Francesca is going to be a big sister and Mateo a big brother twice over. Due date is May 25. The best part is that Mateo and Francesca will also have their first cousin on their daddy's side, due the same day! So forgive the lack of posts... we've been busy. ;)

Here are some highlights from the past weeks.

This isFrancesca's "SMILE"! Everytime she sees the camera now or someone says, "Smile, Francesca!", this is the face she makes. It makes me smile. :) Smiling with Grandpa

Pics I took of Francesca trying to get a shot to put on her birthday invites.