Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

It's a GIRL!

We had our ultrasound yesterday with the perinatologist, and we're having a girl! I think just about all of us were convinced that it was a boy going in. However, about halfway through, and without saying anything to the other, Jose and I both knew that it was a girl. We had invited my parents to go along with us as a surprise, and it was very special to have them both there. We also were able to get a couple of 3D pics of our little one, which was encouraging.

So, "We're having a baby and the feeling can't be beat, but you better decide where the baby's gonna sleep!" (Remember that USA Baby commercial?) That is our new big question. That and what to name her!

Needless to say, we are thrilled and especially happy that everything is developing typically and the baby is healthy. We are also super excited about the fact that our little girl will have a little boy cousin due the same day (May 25) ... I wonder if they'll be born on the same day?

Ultrasound pics to follow.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Francesca 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday, December 4 we had Francesca's 2nd birthday party at our house. We transformed the living/dining room into one big playroom filled with doll houses, dolls, a doll doctor office ... the perfect place for Francesca and her friends to enjoy celebrating her birthday.
It's hard to believe that she is going to be 2 (her actual birthday is on December 7)! She has changed so much in the past couple of months, really tranforming into a little girl. Francesca still gives the best hugs of anyone I know, is making great strides toward taking her first steps, and is using her signs with vocalizations all the time to communicate. It is so encouraging to see her growing and doing things so well at her own pace. I am so proud of her - we are so proud of her!


Handsome Big Brother


Francesca greets Aunt Nelly, Bobby and Emma

Clapping with Daddy

Francesca's cake and the picture that was the inspiration

Cesca and Vollen

Can I see your shoe?

When Vollen arrived, Francesca was so excited. She scooted right over to see him and started patting and talking to him right away. Mateo was also thrilled to see Vollen standing and walking. Each time he saw Vollen, Mateo would yell, "Mom, Mom! Vollen is standing!" On Sunday we decided that this was Francesca's inspiration for standing on her own.

Francesca greets our family friend, Chuck.

Tea Party

Super Friends

Cesca with Diana and Mama

Blow out the candles!

Big brother is always sure to share

Eating cake and signing "dance" ... it must be a party!

Kisses to Great Grandma

In this picture you can see the heirloom that was given to Francesca by Grandpa & Grandma for her birthday. It is a locket that was worn by Francesca's Great-Great Grandma Frances when she was a baby.

Cesca with Uncle Steve (Grandma Sue's brother)

Saying goodnight to Great Grandma

Grandma & Teo at the end of the day

Standing up!

Two days before Francesca's 2nd birthday, and she stood up ALL BY HERSELF!

We were fixing lunch (arepas con carne de puerco desmechada, limon, cilantro, y queso) and Daddy started dancing with Francesca. Then he came and got Mommy and we stood a ways in front of Francesca dancing. Before we knew it, she stood up and stayed standing for about 4 full seconds before sitting down again. Then she did it again later and Daddy was able to capture it on camera! BRAVO, CESCA!

Getting my balance...

... almost steady...


Dancing with Daddy