Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yesterday we went to Panaca,

Father's Day

El Pulgero

On Sundays in Usaquen there are dozens of vendors with artisan crafts for sale. El Pulgero translates roughly as Flea Market.

Afterward was lunch - rotisserie chicken, potatoes, plantains and arepitas


Delsy, Maria del Mar and Abuela Ana came to visit - they brought hats and scarves for Mateo and Francesca. However, the most special gift was a beautiful hand-crocheted quilt for Francesca from Abuela Ana.
Abuela Ana with Francesca and Mateo

While Papa and Mama were in Isla Palma, Francesca had more visitors Elizabeth and her daughter Marcela, good friends of Edelmira. The purple boy and flowered dress were gifts for Francesca.

Monday morning, June 22 (also Abuelo Jose's birthday), la Tia Sofia came to visit with her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. Pictured here are Francesca, Mateo and Nicole. Francesca and Nicole were both born in December 2008. For us, it was wonderful to see that Francesca was doing the same things as Nicole - babbling, lying on her tummy, interacting with everyone...

La Mona with Francesca and Tia Sofia with Nicole

One Tuesday we had lunch at Gustavo and Mariela's. Francesca showed off her dancing abilities with la Abuela

Look at me! I raise my hands up to dance, be held or to play

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gestos - Faces

This evening Abuelito had a good time feeding Mateo dinner and capturing some signature looks. Mateo has had a fever and runny nose since last night, but seems to be feeling better. He is such a sweet little boy - I told him over and over tonight as I put him to bed, "Mama loves you, Mateo. I love you soooooo much. You are my precious gift."

Francesca sitting and playing

Today Francesca was lying down and babbling to herself when I caught her eyeing Mateo's favorite toy from our visit to Colombia when we adopted him. I pointed to the music mirror asked her, "Francesca, would you like to play with this?" She looked at me as if to say, "Yes, please!" and so I sat her in front of the music instrument keys and she began to play. Before long she was smiling at herself and at me in the mirror, watching the lights flash with the music, banging on the keyboard, whirring the guitar wheel, and playing the drums. It was such a fun time together. While she sat with me behind her, I slowly tested her sitting skills by scooting back and positioning my hands on her cute little bottom. Pretty soon I had let go completely and she sat up all by herself for a few seconds at a time. I was so proud of her, and you can tell by the photos that she was pretty pleased with herself, too!

El Llano en Capachos

To celebrate Father's Day and Abuelo Jose's birthday, we went to a restaurant called Capachos, which is themed after El Llano in Colombia. The atmosphere, food and entertainment were exceptional and we had a great time!

Mateo pointing at the live band and dancers

Looking on with Papa'

Mateo would wander closer to the dance floor for a better look at the musicians

Francesca also enjoyed watching the dancers and would blink in wonder as the stomp of the sandaled feet clapped on the floor and the bright colors of the dresses twirled in front of her.

Playing with Papa'

I can dance, too!

Give me five, Mateo!

Being the charmer that he is, Mateo made his way onto the dance floor to do a little number with the singer, only after Mama assured him that it was ok.

Los Abuelos with Francesca

Our family watching the dancing

Esperanza and her husband, the owners of Capachos. Edelmira and Esperanza are friends through their work with the Police and who traveled throughout Colombia together doing social work in the Amazon.