Sunday, March 27, 2011


Mateo got his hair cut this week. He kept moving around to see who was coming through the door, so the stylist said,

"Mateo, you better sit still or your going to get a hole in your hair."

Mateo responded,

"My Grandpa has a hole in his hair."

Out of the mouth of babes...

Spring Break

Tonight marks the end of Spring Break. It's funny because I can remember marking my calendar at the beginning of the school year in anticipation of this week in particular - a chance to enjoy being with my children without any particular agenda.

We played at home, went to the zoo with Grandma and Emma, sat around in our pajamas a couple of mornings, went to open gym at Saddlebrook, had breakfast with grandpa at Summer Kitchen, painted Mateo's new bedroom, welcomed our new cousin Felipe, ran errands, took long naps, baked cookies, went to swim lessons, and just enjoyed being together. It has been a great week.

The thought has struck me quite a few times this week that this is the last big chunk of time I'll have being Mommy to just Mateo and Francesca before our new baby girl is born. My mom reminded me this week of the importance of choosing JOY. I carry that with me.

Tomorrow's back to work. We celebrate Mateo's 4th birthday on Thursday ... I can't believe that. Before you know it, it will be summer (and our littlest girl will be here!)
Snacks at the zoo
Butterfly patrol

Checking out the fish

Gorilla Mama and baby
Polar bear swim

Little Guys Gym at Saddlebrook

Cone head
Francesca and Mateo played really well together. They especially loved the parachute. Francesa was walking all over the place - it has been so great to see her exploring while walking and choosing to walk over crawling consistently. Our goal of walking independently by May is becoming a stronger reality each day.
Hanging out at home

Reading Napping House with our services coordinator, Beth Schultz
All smiles

Man dance

Daddy is out of town, and we had dinner at "The Pizza Place" next to the Family Video store right by our house. Normally Mateo is not a big pizza fan (definitely his father's son), but tonight he gobbled it down! We had quite a nice dinner together, including orange Fanta. Francesca was not sure whether she loved or hated the bubbly orange drink and made quite a funny question face after each drink. It was a fun eating experience.

Needless to say, after dinner the kids were nice and sugared up. Mateo was dancing around and Francesca was ready to run out the door. When we got into the car, Mateo said,

"I was doing a man-dance in there, Mom, not a girl dance."

I'm so glad he clarified that.

New cousin!

The kids have a new cousin! Felipe Caleb Lopez-Cogua Born March 24, 2011 2.8 pounds 13 1/2 inches Tia Jas had some complication with the pregnancy and they did an emergency C-section on Thursday. She got to go home today, but little Felipe is still in the hospital. He's doing well and seems to be quite the fighter. He also has very big hands and feet! You can see little Felipe at Daddy went down to Florida to be with his sister and to meet our new nephew. We miss him, but are so glad that he could go and be with our growing family. Please keep little Felipe in your prayers!