Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's time to eat, eat, eat, what a treat

Francesca got Baby Signing Time vol. 1 & 2 for Christmas, and volume 1 gives lots of words to do with eating. "It's time to eat, eat, eat, what a treat!" I sing that and sign "eat" whenever we eat and Francesca has started to respond by signing "baby." She recognizes the song from the video. She also signs "drink" now. Of course, Mateo knows all the signs already. As always, he is a great motivator for Francesca.

"All done"


Preparando el almuerzo

Sundays are Daddy's day to cook (gracias a los suegros por esa tradicion!), and Mateo helped today. Arroz con carne, papas asadas - Quite the combination! El almuerzo salio delicioso (como siempre), como aqui pueden ver.
Pelando las papas
Francesca aprueba la comida
Preparando las papas

Juagando la cebolla y tomate

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Las papas las hizo practicamente solo Mateo

Tomando sol

It's been so, so cold that we haven't even taken Francesca out since her doctor visit last Tuesday. That being said, we have taken advantage of the days when the sun shines brightly into our front room and play with Mateo's trains and other toys.

Here we are yesterday - Francesca sunbathing and Mateo playing soccer with his Daddy. Getting ready to kick

Soy hermosa

Contemplando el sol

Si, aqui estoy yo

"Soy abuelita" says the phone

No manos!

Friday, January 8, 2010

More snow days

Today is day 3 of more snow days. I actually haven't worked at all this week between Francesca's cardio appointment, her fever/pneumonia and these 3 days off of school due to snow, cold and freezing cold. What a wonderful 3 week vacation!

I have really enjoyed being home with my babies. I found that I have been much more relaxed and have had more of a sense of humor with Mateo in his moments of being 2. Both Mateo and Francesca are such gifts in my life. I love being their Mom.
Of course, being holed up for 3+ days has me eager to go do something. This morning I got really excited because Adam Sandler was on Sesame Street. I actually texted Jose to tell him this exciting news in my world. His response: "You need a break. I love you." A break would be nice, but truly, I have loved being home. Quite the unexpected blessing.
Mateo playing with his new computer

Francesca loves digging around in the toy box and has started pulling herself up onto her knees to peek inside

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Table food

It is now official that Francesca prefers table food to baby food.  Tonight she happily ate chicken marsala - pasta, chicken, peas, mushrooms and all.  She has become quite the expert at picking food up off her tray (or Mama's plate!) and thoroughly enjoys drinking from her sippy cup.  Definitely showing more autonomy.

Of course, it's another story entirely with Mateo, who prefers running around to eating.  Every night is a battle to keep him in his chair to finish his dinner, but somehow we manage to get him to eat most of his food.  He is the first to start and the last to finish.  At least Chester gets some good food.  Tonight Mateo fed our dog the mushrooms - Mateo doesn't like them, but of course he believes Chester does (and yes, apparently Chester does like mushrooms).

I took a picture of Mateo slurping up his spaghetti noodle, but for some reason my computer won't post the pic.  Bummer.
Hi! I love to eat!