Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Francesca's 1st day Preschool

Today was Francesca's first day of preschool! Yes, in the middle of the school year and on a Tuesday! Since she turned 3 in December, she could start school at any time. And she was ready!

From the moment she put on her backpack, Francesca seemed confident of each step beginning her educational career. She walked right up to the bus and waited for the doors to open without any prompting. She climbed up the stairs and posed for a smile once in her seat. She got off the bus as if she had made the ride a thousand times before, and grabbed on to Ms. Jennifer's hand just as if she was meeting an old friend. Once in the building, she paused to contemplate her red apple shape on the locker and then eagerly walked to the classroom exclaiming, "WOW!" She didn't miss a beat.

I was filled joy and so proud of my little girl today! I have such high hopes and expectations for my Francesca!
What up? I'm ready for school!


Standing Bear Elementary and Francesca's bus

Getting off the bus at school

Walking from the bus to the school. When she saw me, she looked at Ms. Jennifer and signed and said, "Mommy, Mommy!"

Walking to her classroom

Her locker has a red apple and "Francesca" on it.

Hi Ms. Faith!