Monday, March 26, 2012

Catalina is crawling!

Exactly one day before turning 10 months, Catalina began crawling! I am so proud of her! It was just magical to watch her make her first actual crawling movements... and it was classic Cogua to have a gazillion things happening at the same time! The video is a spot-on snapshot of a typical evening at our house. Add in a Skype call with the in-laws and a visit from my family and you have Cogua magic.

My sweet baby girl is 10 months tomorrow. There are moments when I just can't believe that she's mine... She is such a content baby and so easy to have around. She loves to babble, and up til now loved to roll - she is a very proficient roller, I like to say. She only gets upset when you put her in her carseat or when you take something away from her, and even then it is only momentary. Francesca and Mateo adore her, and Mateo can still make her laugh at the drop of a hat. Francesca will push her over every now and then, maybe out of jealousy, maybe just to see what will happen - but Catalina barely blinks an eye. She is a jewel and I enjoy her so much.

I'm working on adding the video, but thought I'd post this fun milestone!